Great martial arts training in Victoria, B.C. at the Eke Academy!

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Students of the Eke Academy of Martial Arts recently took part in a fun and fascinating seminar on the highly effective, efficient and deadly art of Silat. Guro James Eke put the participants through the paces of learning to fight from the ground, takedowns from the ground, stand-up fighting and the use of flexible cloth weapons.

For anyone looking for martial arts that will not only change their lives for the better but make them into people who are certainly able to protect themselves and their loved ones you need to give the martial arts offered at Victoria, B.C.’s Eke Academy of Martial Arts a try.

The school specializes in Jeet Kune Do, (JKD), Kali, Silat, kickboxing, grappling and much more! There are even kids and women’s classes!

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