Guro James Eke with Dr Dom Lopez.

Guro James Eke with Dr Dom Lopez.

The Eke Academy of Martial Arts is the home of Dr. Dom Lopez’s unique stick fighting system.

Lopez Villasin Balintawak Eskrima is a dynamic martial art system that takes its origins from the founder of the Balintawak system in Cebu, Philippines as it was passed to Atty Jose Villasin, whom Dr. Lopez trained with in his youth.

Dr. Lopez has been teaching his style of Balintawak since the 1970 both here in BC and in Ontario.

Balintawak is a fluid and flowing form of stick-fighting rooted in the days of duelling which saw combatants testing what they trained sometimes with deadly impacts.

Dr. Lopez himself witnessed two of these duels and had been slated to fight one himself except his opponent opted out.

Students will learn to move with efficiency and effectiveness in a direct and devastating manner.  Focus is on both stick drills as well as empty hand techniques that are simple and extremely effective.

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