Maphilindo Silat/Madjapahit Martial Arts

Maphilindo Silat combines warrior arts from Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.  Guro Dan Inosanto, to honour his Silat instructors, founded Maphilindo Silat. It is based on a number of  systems of Silat he has studied under Silat masters from Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.
The “Ma” comes from the Malaysian influence found in Maphilindo Silat. The “Phil” is, from the Philipino influence and the “Indo” derives from its Indonesian influences.
Maphilindo Silat is essentially a counter fighting style and incorporates empty-hand techniques along with the use of such weapons as the short stick and sarong.
At times Silat can resemble kickboxing, stick or knife fighting, use of improvised weapons, use of sarong and other flexible weapons, grappling and fighting from the ground.
The self-defence applications of Silat are numerous and as a “street style” Silat is highly regarded through its use of  a short engagement time with head pulls and turns, leg sweeps, arm breaks, chokes. and a variety of strong finishing techniques.


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