Learn a martial art with real-world value

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Do you want to learn a martial art?

An art that has something to benefit everyone?

Heightens students’ awareness of their surroundings and to use the environment as tools in combat?

Everyday objects can be weapons?

Effective as both a grappling and stand up art?

Do you want to learn to fight like you’ve only seen in the movies?

Then you need to come and see what the Eke Academy of Martial Arts has to offer.

Victoria’s B.C.’s only school to learn Jeet Kune Do, Kali and Silat as well as our unique EAMA Fusion classes, grappling, kickboxing, MMA and more.

Our school really is a place where you can find what you are looking for. A place that can change your life. A place that will improve, inspire, nurture and help you grow.

The Eke Academy of Martial Arts….what are you waiting for?

Contact us now.

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