EAMA BJJ December Syllabus


Pinocchio didn’t like it much and you don’t like it either — being puppeted around by the other person. That is, you don’t like it on the receiving end and other than making your opponent look funny, unless you know what to do from there, spider guard is fun but not exactly your ‘A game’ (because you don’t have any idea what to do next other than hang on for dear life).

This month at Eke Academy of Martial Arts we are going to not only look at spider guard but look at everything from sweeps to different submissions from the position.

Also, we will be returning to the Darce choke, after a few requests, and investigating modifications and different ways to play around with the technique.

And, we will be continuing to expand on our ‘submission flow drill’ that we have been working on through November. You don’t want to miss a class!

Don’t forget we have BJJ five days a week at EAMA so come on out!

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