November 2016 BJJ Syllabus

You get smashed, you are flat on your back, they are feeling like they weigh about twice of what they actually are on the scale.

Oh, hip escape! Right?!

Now what?

This month we will be working on a number of concepts to get your Brazilian Jiu-jitsu moving exactly where you want it to be.

First off, we will be working on a submission flow drill starting from the guard with a variety of chokes and submissions that link together — all using their position in your guard as their downfall. This drill has a large number of submissions that link together so please make sure you get to class so you don’t miss an important part of the complete flow drill.

Next, expanding from October’s hip escape focus, we will look at how to get our bodies from where they may be to where they should be. Next will come recognition of where would be an even better place to go to and possibilities for dominate positions as well as possible submissions.

We are going to not only be working on the hip escape but also fundamentals of side control, getting out of side control as well as looking at the butterfly guard.

Jiu-jitsu is all about movement. We need to read the opponent and intimately feel where we are at the moment and what we can do. We have to realize that unlike how we feel when we first start training, we are never really ‘stuck’ — sometimes it just takes appreciation of where you are, slowly adjusting and getting to another place where things are better.


The key focus will be on recognizing and expanding on our knowledge base of position with the understanding that no submission is ever going to work the way it should if we don’t first have a grasp of our position and where we would be better off.

Jiu-jitsu is about learning how to first control ourselves, then to see where we are in relation to our opponent and where we need to be compared to where we are now. From there we have to intuitively understand how to use structure and sensitivity to use our opponent’s strengths and weaknesses against them.

Hope to see you in class for further exploration of these concepts!

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