Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu In Victoria, BC


Eke Academy of Martial Arts is please to announce the launch of its Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program under the mentorship of Prof Jay Zeballos, 3rd Degree Black Belt under Jean Jacques Machado.

Prof Zeballos is a World Champion BJJ competitor, author, and teacher and serves as Prof Machado’s right hand man both at the Legend’s LA-based BJJ schools in Malibu and Tarzana.

Prof Zeballos will be conducting BJJ Camps at our school on a regular basis.

When Prof Zeballos isn’t in Victoria showing us how to swim the mats like a shark, our own Guro/Sifu James Eke teaches the classes. No stranger to grappling, Guro James started his martial arts career as a child in Judo which he did for nearly 10 years, actively competing most of that time, he is also a Full Instructor in the JF/JKD Grappling Association and has trained over the past 35 plus years in a number of ground systems. He has been studying and training in Prof Machado’s BJJ since August 2011 and makes regular trips to train with Prof Zeballos, Prof Machado and Prof Gary Padilla who runs the BJJ program at the Inosanto Academy.


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